TAS-EME has been producing home comfort appliances for over 45 years. It has its roots in a Slovenian collectivity enterprise in Argentina, exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of metal and mechanical products.

With a strong tradition in precision die manufacturing, TAS-EME develops its products lines combining European design with the use of first quality materials, the artisan manufacture and care to finish details that are reflected in the final appearance of each product.

TAS-EME develops a continuous improvement policy that makes it a pioneer in the innovations field. It is the country's first producer of gas logs for home heating that incorporates a security device like the ODS Pilot (Oxigen Depletion Sensor Pilot), the piezoelectric ignition, the room temperature thermostat and the room freshener, in addition to the detachable cooking grids and the brochettes carrier frame in its line of rolling grills.

TAS-EME recently developed a line of small appliances for the kitchen and household cleaning made entirely with domestic parts.

Due to the high degree of achieved reliability, TAS-EME extends to three years the warranty of its gas logs line and one year warranty for the small appliances, and positions as the leader in the domestic market, with a extensive network of distributors and exports to the Mercosur Market and the European Community.